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Attorney Representation in Tampa, FL for over 35 years

Experienced in Florida family law, the staff at Raymond R. Pines, P.A. has over three decades of experience with all the issues associated with a divorce. These issues often include sensitive topics like timesharing, alimony guidelines, child support and custody, division of marital property, division of assets and debts, and paternity questions.

Our Divorce Attorney Provides Personal Attention

Because these issues are not only legally complex, but also emotionally difficult, Raymond R. Pines, P. A., provides each client with close personal attention and practical insight. This dedication to compassionate, professional representation makes Raymond R. Pines, P.A. leaders in Florida family law practice. We consistently provide the knowledge and skills necessary to ease the stress and anxiety of making the best decisions for the entire family. Our Tampa family lawyers can assist you with the following issues:

Our Family Attorney Looks for the Best Solutions

Our substantial experience as family law attorneys in Tampa, Florida has given us more than the mere ability to navigate through complicated litigation. It has given us a sincere understanding and compassion for the people we help. Therefore we at Raymond R. Pines, P.A. are committed to finding the best solutions for the whole family. This philosophy means that we strongly encourage negotiation as the first option in most cases: less expensive and emotionally draining, negotiation saves our clients both money and anxiety. Unfortunately, negotiation does not always yield a mutually satisfactory outcome. In those situations, our attorneys are always prepared to litigate on our clients’ behalf in the courtroom.

With experience in criminal and juvenile litigation, Raymond R. Pines, P.A. is more than just a Tampa divorce attorney. Well versed in Florida criminal law, we also represent clients charged with domestic violence injunctions and criminal and juvenile offenses, as well as Juvenile Dependency and Termination of Parental Rights cases. For more information on the scope of our practice, contact an experienced Florida family law attorney at Raymond R. Pines, P.A.