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When a party to a divorce believes he or she has a need for financial assistance from the other party, alimony can be requested. At Raymond R. Pines, P.A., our attorneys will help you understand the legal parameters of alimony and how they will affect your divorce. If you are, or should be, the recipient of alimony, we will protect your right to be properly provided for. If you are, or may be, the paying spouse, we will prevent you from being forced to pay more than what is reasonable and fair.

While child support guidelines are fairly rigid, the amount you pay or receive in alimony is much more flexible and depends on a number of factors found in Florida Statute 61.08 amended as of July 1, 2010:

Our Tampa Family Attorney Can Explain the Various Types of Alimony

There are several types of alimony that may be awarded to an individual such as:

A Tampa Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Negotiate Alimony

Whether you are the paying or receiving spouse in a divorce, contact an experienced Florida family law attorney at Raymond R. Pines, P.A. early on in the process to ensure a favorable outcome in terms of spousal support.