Florida Divorce/Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Unfortunately, in these trying economic times, divorce and bankruptcy go hand in hand. When discussing a client’s current financial situation, it is very common for us to hear from our clients about the large debts they have accumulated during the course of their marriage and how their homes are not worth what they owe the bank. If you find yourself in a situation like this we may advise you to speak with a bankruptcy attorney, The Law Offices of K.Hunter Goff P.A., in order to weigh all of your available options.

We believe that it is best to involve a skilled bankruptcy attorney early in the proceedings if a particular client is indicating that bankruptcy is an option they are considering. We only work with skilled bankruptcy attorneys when we have a client who is thinking about bankruptcy as an option to discharge their debts. The assigning of debt is very important in all divorce proceedings. The assignment of debt in divorce is usually done in a Marital Settlement Agreement. How the Marital Settlement Agreement is worded is important, not just for the outcome of the divorce, but for a subsequent bankruptcy proceeding as well.. We work very closely with skilled bankruptcy attorneys to ensure that any potential settlement agreement reached in your divorce case will not hamper your ability to file for bankruptcy, should you decide that bankruptcy is an option you wish to pursue.

Our Tampa Family Attorney Can Help You Through the Bankruptcy Process

It is important to understand that certain debts associated with divorce/family law, such as child support and alimony, can not be discharged through bankruptcy. If you find yourself contemplating divorce and bankruptcy do not hesitate to call our office to speak with a skilled family law attorney about your specific situation.