Tampa Divorce Property Settlement

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Florida is an equitable distribution state, and all marital assets and marital liabilities (debts) should be fairly distributed between the parties.

An accurate assessment of the couple's assets and debt is absolutely essential. The marital assets and debt must be identified and classified as either marital or non-marital. Those items must then be valued, and thereafter a distribution of these assets and debt must be accomplished.

Our Family Lawyer Can Help You Divide:

Sometimes assets are hidden from the divorcing spouse and it is necessary to investigate and trace these items. Often times, it does not matter whose name is reflected on the asset, e.g., the bank account, pension account, registration, title or deed.

Since litigating these matters can be very expensive and time consuming, we always encourage attempts to first negotiate the division of these assets and liabilities.

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As skilled attorneys with experience in handling the complex issues involved in the division of marital property, we can preserve and protect the property rights of our clients.

Our years of experience with Florida family law have given us the knowledge and tools necessary to represent our clients with full awareness of the many nuances and pitfalls that may turn up in the property division aspect of a divorce.

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