Florida Juvenile Dependency Attorney

Attorney Representation in Tampa, FL for over 35 years

Juvenile Dependency & Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) Law concerns abused and neglected children.

Experienced legal representation of parents is necessary to assure that parents have the best opportunity to prevent removal of their children from their custody and/or effectuate reunification in the future.

Who we represent

We represent parents, legal guardians, foster parents or relatives who have raised a child who is the subject of a petition filed in a Juvenile Court in child abuse and neglect cases.

When is a dependency/ TPR lawyer needed?

To either preempt a petition being filed in Juvenile Dependency Court or to represent the parents, guardians or foster parents of a child when a proceeding has commenced in court.

How can a dependency lawyer help?

We handle Juvenile Dependency and TPR matters and have in-depth working knowledge of the Dependency/TPR Courts, Dependency law and TPR procedures. Retaining a Dependency/TPR Lawyer can possibly avoid the filing of a petition or can provide experienced assistance in a most difficult situation if a petition is filed.