Legal Separation Forms For Florida

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Making the decision to separate from one’s spouse can be a difficult and emotional choice. Although Florida statutes do not directly address legal separation, they do provide provisions for spousal and child support, as well as child custody and visitation.

A separation often serves as the first step toward divorce, so it is important to lay the correct legal groundwork. Below is a collection of forms that can aid the separation process, including child support guidelines, child time sharing and sole custody and support modifications. These are meant to serve as a basic reference for Florida family law, but they do not take the place of qualified legal counsel. For more information, contact a family law attorney at Raymond R. Pines, P.A.

Hillsborough county clerk forms on the web site. Supreme court forms. FLJUD13.org


Child support calculator


Child Custody Investigations Order of Referral [revised 5/9/07]

Community Mediation Request

Divorce, Child Custody, Name Change, or any other Family Law cases forms packets list

Family Law Pretrial Conference Order

Family Mediation Request

Court Certified Arbitrators, Circuit and County Civil Diversion

Forms for referral to General Magistrate [revised 11/3/08]:

Income Deduction Order and Payment Information Sheet

Motion for Telephonic Hearing

Motion for Temporary Injunction

Notarized Stipulation Form for Mediation & Diversion Services

Notice of Related Case

Notice Scheduling Pretrial Conference on Post Judgment Relief Before the General Magistrate

Order of Referral to Parenting Coordinator

Order Referring Parties to Family Mediation (July 2005)

Order Setting Final Hearing and Pretrial Conference

Order Setting Final Hearing and Pretrial Conference on Post Judgment Relief

Standing Temporary Order for Family Law Cases with Minor Children

Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms

Temporary Injunction

Temporary Relief Hearing Memorandum

Uniform Order Setting Trial and Pretrial Conference

12 Rules of Courtroom Civility Form

Parenting Plan Packets

Basic Parenting Plan Packet

Safety Focused Parenting Plan Guide

Shared Parenting Contact and Guidelines

Words I Need to Know

Rotating Parenting Visitation Schedule