Military Divorce in Florida

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The law firm of Raymond R Pines, P.A. is experienced in handling military related family law issues. The firm’s proximity to Macdil Air Force Base has been instrumental in our attorneys handling a number of military family cases and military divorces. We are experienced in dealing with legal issues that arise for couples contemplating divorce when one or both parties is a current or past member of the military.

Military divorce cases are usually more challenging than the typical divorce. Many issues come into play with a military divorce that don't exist in a typical divorce. Issues that need to be considered in these proceedings are deployments, military rules and regulations, military retirement and benefits, and other pay, as well as the ability to serve divorce, custody and other paperwork on the opposing party. We also take into account the fact that federal law governs when a military divorce proceeding may take place as well as the circumstances under which it can be postponed. All of these factors are very important to consider. Our divorce lawyer is experienced in handling the complex and unique circumstances involved in military divorce cases.

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If you are involved in or contemplating a military related divorce, custody case or other family law issue then call our offices immediately so we can discuss your particular situation. The Tampa divorce attorneys at the law firm of Raymond R. Pines will be sure that your interests are protected while treating you and your family with the dignity and respect that you deserve.