Tampa Parenting Coordinator Lawyer

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A Parenting Coordinator is often times needed to help parents resolve disagreements between the parties relating to their children. Parenting coordinators can be effective in helping parents navigate through issues in divorce, post-divorce, separation and custody actions. Most parenting coordinators are licensed mental health providers who are intimately familiar with family law. Parenting coordinators provide a number of different services including, but not limited to: helping parents learn to co-parent, helping parents effectively communicate with one another, teaching parents ways to avoid parental alienation, mediate disputes and make recommendations/reports to the Court.

One of the biggest challenges for parents involved in divorce and custody actions is learning to effectively communicate with each other for the benefit of the minor children. In situations like this an effective parenting coordinator will work directly with both parents to facilitate positive communication between the parties related to issues that involve their minor children.

Parenting coordinators can also provide invaluable assistance in helping parents devise a comprehensive parenting plan. Devising a parenting plan and visitation schedule is often times the biggest stumbling block that lawyers encounter when trying to foster global settlement agreements between their client and the other party. Having the parties sit down with a parenting coordinator, and work through the process together, often results in the creation of parenting plan that works for both parents, and more importantly, takes into account the best interest of the children.

It is important to note that Parenting Coordinators are not lawyers, but rather, they are neutral 3rd parties who may report to the Court as necessary, depending on the circumstances of the case.

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