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Prenuptial Agreements Between Potential Parties In Tampa

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Making the decision to get a divorce can become very challenging. Even when it’s clear, divorce may bring anxiety about the future and what lies ahead. Many people find the idea of uncertainty to be troublesome. Our primary goal at The Law Offices of Raymond R. Pines, P.A. is to assist you through this difficult and strenuous time as swiftly and promptly as possible.

An alternative way to help reduce the amount of uncertainty felt may be to enter in to a prenuptial agreement before marriage.

Prenuptial agreements have become progressively more common in recent years as people become more aware and knowledgeable about prenuptial agreements and the advantages of retaining one.

Prenuptial agreements are essentially a contract entered into by soon-to-be spouses with the objective to undoubtedly establish the rights, responsibility and commitment of the parties, within the outcome of a termination of the marriage whether by divorce and or death.

Along with other requirements, a prenuptial agreement has to be put in writing and signed by both parties. Equally both parties will be required to make a full declaration of their financial position. This way the prospective spouse has an idea as to their financial status and come to an agreement.

Consult our Tampa Divorce Attorney to Prepare an Effective Prenuptial Agreement

Courts have a tendency to favor accurately executed prenuptial agreements, because it allows the court to effectively resolve issues of alimony, division of property, debts and parental accountability.

These agreements may also include the benefit of assistance in keeping court costs low. Being that many of the complex issues that occur in a divorce proceeding have already been resolved.

When considering marriage, The Law Offices of Raymond R. Pines, P.A. may help you consider if a prenuptial agreement is best suited for your situation. Should you consider it suits you, a Tampa family attorney from our firm would gladly assist in the preparation of your prenuptial agreement.